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Marlboro Cigarettes - The Brand

Marlboro cigarettes is a premium brand launched by Phillip morris known worldwide. These are named after a famous London factory located in Great Marlborough street. Since it was based on the slogan 'Mild as May', it was considered to be a woman's brand till 1924.

Marlboro is a leader worldwide which is highly demanded. It is the best selling brand in USA. An unknown fact - Primarily these cigarettes were made for women only as the filter was kept pink in color because women like to wear a pink lipstick.

As this the most popular brand among occasional smokers and chain smokers, if asked, they would say Marlboro is the best selling brand of cigarettes right away, without even a second thought.

What is the reason behind its popularity?

As people believe that quality is most essential factor, for a product to be demanded. Marlboro has remained consistent about its quality while the competitors have increased the level of nicotine in their product over the past few years, hence, landed in decreasing the quality.

The masculinity shown by the use of horses in the advertisement is quite attractive while in the other brands it is missing. As this brand is identified with a cowboy, it represents American type of masculinity.

Almost 70% of the world's smokers prefer to buy this brand which actually shows the popularity of the brand. Smoking these cigarettes gives you pleasure and satisfaction as it attracts so many smokers around the globe, so it is evident by itself.